Deconverting From Christianity

It's hard leaving Evangelical Christianity.  Really, really hard.  I wouldn't hesitate to call it the most traumatic experience of my life.  And the effects – psychological difficulties, strain on relationships with friends and family, identity crisis, issues with committing to anything wholeheartedly after being badly burned, etc. – are often ongoing.  It's not something you just "get over" in a month or two.  You are going to have some ghosts.  

This site started after I wrote The Evangelical Experience.  They say everyone has a book in them.  For me, this almost felt literal.  I had a host of experiences inside me that I needed to do something with.  I needed to get those experiences out.  It was healing to do so. 

I continue to hope that those who have recently gone through a deconversion (or are in the midst of one), will find some type of comfort in seeing that others have gone through the same thing.  All of our stories are unique, and I would encourage you to write yours down, or tell it to someone.  Keeping it bottled up only makes things worse.  

If you are reading this post, and could benefit from reading someone else’s story of going through deconversion, I am more than willing to send you a free copy of the book. I can be contacted at Other resources that helped me along the way include Leaving the Fold (Marlene Winell) to address the psychological issues of leaving a faith, Leaving the Fold (Edward Babinski) for a variety of deconversion stories from people who end in different places, and Faith Unraveled for the experience of someone moving from fundamentalism to a more liberal version of Christianity.