For those who prefer to listen or watch, the following are posts with an audio or video component.  I call them Blogcasts
Most of these publicly available lectures and discussions can also be found on iTunes here

Pete Enns on So Many Things Relevant to Modern Christianity
Thomas Keating on What’s Next in Religion
Marcus Borg: Seeing Religions Again
Quantum Physics, Consciousness, and an Observer
Aldous Huxley: Who Are We?
Tina Rasmussen on Jhana Meditation
Joseph Goldstein on Vipassana Meditation
Thomas Keating: Persevere
Alan Watts on The Four Noble Truths
David Frenette on The Path of Centering Prayer
Cynthia Bourgeault on The Heart of Centering Prayer
Kevin Culligan: Introduction to St. John of the Cross
Seyyed Hossein Nasr: In The Beginning Was Consciousness
James Cutsinger on The Perennial Philosophy
Shinzen Young on World Mysticism
The Liturgists on "The Voice of God"
Alan Watts on The Essence of Hinduism
Dale Allison on The Historical Christ and The Theological Jesus
Samaya Srividya on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Father Dennis Billy on The Cloud of Unknowing
Viktor Frankl on The Will to Meaning
The Path of Shinzen Young
Eknath Easwaran on Perennialism

My original talks are also included on the Blogcast, and are denoted by Season and Episode number below.
For these talks, it is probably helpful to read the corresponding post before listening.

Season 1


Book Talk: The Evangelical Experience
Book Talk: An Introduction to Centering Prayer
1.1  Top Ten Progressive Christian Writers, Bloggers, and Podcasters
1.2  The Perennial Philosophy: Review
1.3  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Siddhis
1.4  Katsuki Sekida's Four Types of Samadhi
1.5  What's Wrong With Mindfulness and What Isn't


Season 2


Book Talk: A Great Tragedy
2.1  Spiritual Practice and Anxiety
2.2  Appeal to God as a Solution to The Absurd
2.3  St. John of the Cross
2.4  Viktor Frankl and Self-Actualization
2.5  The Pali Canon
2.6  The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path
2.7 Forming Yourself vs. Being Formed
2.8 John Hick on Religious Critical Realism