Dr. Shankar Nair on Sufi Meditation

This is a discussion of dhikr and what this professor calls fhikr, or muraqaba.  There seem to be many forms of muraqaba including what sounds like lectio divina and an introspective reflection on your own virtues and vices (similar to what is sometimes called an "examen").  The practices that are associated with muraqaba seem to be dependent on the particular sufi order.  


The Two Dimensions of Islam

This is from the "Islamic Meditation Program," and this person (I believe he's saying "Hassan") has quite a few videos up.  They are intense!  Here, he talks about the interior vs. exterior dimensions of Islam.  His discussion could easily be generalized to include other religions.



One more from the Islamic Meditation Program.  Here he describes muraqaba.  It's a little confusing trying to understand what this practice truly is.  "Total silence" of mind is comparable the concept of samadhi, or states that are seemingly entered through Centering Prayer, TM, some forms of zazen, etc.  But then his further explanation sounds identical to Buddhist vipassana ("mindfulness") meditation – viewing reality and your own thoughts from a detached viewpoint.  I'd be interested to hear his instructions for the actual technique, but they are not given here. 

His description of realizing that "you're not who you think you are" (i.e. you are somehow more than your thoughts) is one of the most powerful realizations that comes from several forms of meditative practice.