What to Expect at a Quaker Meeting

This is a brief introduction to what a Quaker meeting is like.  Inner listening, commonly interpreted as "waiting for God to speak," is the core Quaker spiritual practice.


Perspectives on Quaker Worship

More perspectives from Quaker worshipers.


Quakers and the Inner Light

This is a video about the concept of the "Inner Light" in Quakerism.  The Inner Light is interpreted in a variety of ways within Quakerism, from being understood as "that of God" which is in everyone, to being called "the presence of Jesus" (for more traditional Christians), to even agnostic or atheist interpretations in which the Inner Light is equated with one's deepest self.  


The Quaker Practice of Discernment

More from the "Quaker Speak" series.  This is about the process of discernment within the faith.