James Martin on Lectio Divina

This is James Martin, a famous Jesuit author, on the process of Lectio Divina.  It's helpful in these discussions to have an example text to use.  Martin uses the story of Jesus calming the sea in this talk.  Martin doesn't address the traditional four steps, but it's helpful to see alternative (but similar) methods of practicing Lectio Divina.


Friar Mark Toups on the Steps of Lectio Divina

This is a short four-part series on the steps of Lectio Divina.  Toups addresses the traditional steps of lectio, meditatio, oratio, and contemplatio.  


Thomas Keating on Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer

This is Thomas Keating's unique take on the process of Lectio Divina.  Keating is most well known for popularizing Centering Prayer, which prepares one for the traditional fourth stage of Lectio Divina – contemplatio.