Guided Lovingkindness Meditation

This is an example of a guided Lovingkindness meditation put out by University of New Hampshire Health Services.  In contrast to other meditation techniques, there is a lot of room for ad-lib in these guided meditations and even the same teacher will probably create new scripts for each session.  


Guided Metta Meditation

Another guided metta meditation, this time from a yogi.  There is a lot of crossover in these practices between Buddhist teachers and the yogic tradition.  


Bhante Vimalaramsi Explains Lovingkindness Meditation

This is an extended talk from Bhante Vimalaramsi at the beginning of a "Lovingkindness Retreat."  He describes metta meditation starting at 2:06.


Guided Lovingkindness: Michael Sealey

One more example of a guided Lovingkindness meditation, perhaps the most relaxing metta on the web.  Don't listen while driving!  The relaxation portion lasts until about 7:00; he gets into a version of Lovingkindness from there.  You can see how diverse these guided meditations can be.