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The Liturgists on "The Voice of God"

So after writing the post on Progressive Christian authors, bloggers, and podcasters, I came across The Liturgists Podcast.  Mike McHargue is definitely another name to add to the list.  I read his Finding God in the Waves and have been bingeing this Podcast ever since.

I found this episode, which explores what it means to hear "the voice of God," particularly fascinating.  Take a listen and then check out The Liturgists website.

The whole thing is worth a listen, but I especially resonate Mike's reflections starting at 49:45, where he compares connecting with God to the phenomena of lightning.  I think it's a really interesting way to think about what is happening when we "experience God."   


Edging Toward Enchantment: Prayer

I love Richard Beck.  From a progressive Christian standpoint, it just doesn't get any better than his blog Experimental Theology.

He's currently doing a series on "Enchantment" and "Disenchantment" in the modern world generally, and within the Christian faith in particular.  As part of the series, he discusses practices that "edge us towards enchantment," or, you could say, edge us towards "the experience of God in the world."  

This is just a link to one of his recent posts about the act of audibly praying and how it can have the effect of "hallowing" a moment.  

Just something that resonates with me a lot.  Check out his blog for more in the series...