The Evangelical Experience

I am a former Evangelical Christian.  Although I am grateful for many ways this tradition has shaped me, I eventually outgrew this conservative brand of faith.  In 2015, I published The Evangelical Experience.  In it, I tried to do two things.  My first goal was to simply describe modern Evangelicalism really well.  To that end, I detailed core doctrines of the faith, matters of debate within the religion, and the primary marks of Evangelical culture.  The effects of accepting Evangelical doctrine, both positive and negative, are also addressed here.  

My second goal was to document my own journey into, and ultimately, out of, the faith.  I included the stories of my conversion, development, experience in seminary, deconversion, and thoughts on possible ways to move forward.  As an appendix, I included a journal entry written in the midst of my deconversion which details many of the reasons I felt forced to leave the faith, including my perceived issues with the coherency of the Christian scriptures, the apparent apocalyptic expectations of the early Church, and difficulty reconciling conservative Christian theology with the realities of day to day life.

Hopefully this book can be a resource for those outside the faith who are looking for a better understanding of Evangelical Christianity.  I also hope it can be a resource for current Evangelicals who have some of the same doubts and may be exploring other religious options.