So Long as This is a Genuine Life Process and Not an Intellectual Speculation

“...those who use the term ‘Mysticism’ are bound in self-defence to explain what they mean by it.  Broadly speaking, I understand it to be the expression of the innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete harmony with the transcendental order; whatever theological formula under which that order is understood.  This tendency, in great mystics, gradually captures the whole field of consciousness; it dominates their life and, in the experience called ‘mystic union,’ attains its end. Whether that end be called the God of Christianity, the World-soul of Pantheism, the Absolute of Philosophy, the desire to attain it and the movement towards it – so long as this is a genuine life process and not an intellectual speculation – is the proper subject of mysticism.  I believe this movement to represent the true line of development of the highest form of human consciousness.”

– Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism

I will be taking an extended break from blogging. This site has been a good way to explore some ideas, but ultimately the spiritual journey is not about the intellect. In the words of Underhill, it needs to be a genuine life process, not mere intellectual speculation. I’ve done enough intellectual speculation for now. Hopefully something on the site continues to be valuable to you on your own journey. I will still be available at during the break.